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Cardiovascular Disease Management: A Case-Based Approach, 5th Annual Symposium

CDM17 - Video & Presentation Release

  • The Cardiovascular Disease Management: A Case-Based Approach, 5th Annual Symposium, taking place October 5 & 6, 2017, may videotape, audiotape, and/or reproduce portions of the symposium for the purpose or reference and teaching. Additionally, faculty slides will be made available online in PDF format for attendees to access after the symposium in the online meeting syllabus.

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  • By choosing "YES" below, I authorize the “Cardiovascular Disease Management” symposium to videotape and audiotape my complete presentations(s) and consent to allow the use and reproduction of my name, presentation(s), and all materials contained in my presentation(s). My videotaped and audiotaped presentation(s) and materials will only be used, reproduced and distributed within the context of the conference program. To the best of my knowledge, use, and reproduction of the materials or information used in my presentation(s) will not violate any third party’s copyrights or other property rights. To the extent copyrighted or trade secret materials are used, reproduced or displayed with my presentation(s), I have obtained written permission to use, reproduce, and distribute such materials from the copyright owner.