Learn from the Leaders

Promedica International CME

Over the years, we at Promedica International CME have been privileged to work with the world’s leading physicians as Program Directors and Faculty to produce major educational activities to help improve the quality of healthcare you can offer your patients. Now we are delighted to add to your educational opportunities through this unique web blog entitled “Learn from the Leaders”. We hope you will appreciate the following opportunities:


  • Learn about emerging techniques and technologies at an early stage, directly from the source.
  • Share comments and ask questions in an informal environment
  • Discover new ideas years before they can be published in the journals
  • A forum for sharing tips and subtle nuances of techniques

First Artificial Heart Patient

Find the amazing (and touching) sory about the first artificial heart paitent being discharged from the Mayo Clinic after two years of living there here: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/05/21/eveningnews/main6507572.shtml?tag=mncol%3Blst%3B2

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